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Another Life - Part 12

Another Life
by Diandra Hollman

Date Finished: ? I'm working on it.
Rating: a mild R for this part. (suggestive dialogue and hanky panky, but still nothing scandalous yet. Sorry)
Keywords: slash, Jack/Sawyer, Alt!Verse
Spoilers: Nothing really detailed or time specific. This just lives in the sideways verse of season 6. Sort of (see author's note).
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I'm not really sure anyone *technically* owns them anymore but Darlton blah blah Bad Robot blah ABC blee blee don't sue.
Dedication: To [info]ellel for inspiring me to write this story. And to the cast and creative team behind one of the best damn shows ever televised. You will be missed.
Author's note: Much as I loved the finale and thought it was totally appropriate this story will henceforth assume that Daniel's "let's detonate a hydrogen bomb" plan worked and follow my crackpot version of quantum suicide theory. In other words, when the bomb went off, our characters were split into two different universes. One where the bomb didn't go off, and one where it did. Both universes are very real and neither is purgatory.

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